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I felt completely demoralized, said Harris, an Orange County native who grew up in Huntington Beach, works as a fashion brand consultant, and has lived in Irvine for 22 years.For me, it was a very clear reminder a painful reminder that we do not live in a post-racial era. Reading this on your phone? Stay up to date with our free mobile app. Get it from the Apple app store or the Google Play store . Harris said she spoke with three supervisors including Ron Foss, a regional manager at Safeway. She said he explained to Harris, like others supervisors had before, that the clerk had done nothing wrong and was simply trying to give her free bags, because those using food stamps dont have to pay for reusable plastic bags. Foss, who was mentioned in the lawsuit, eventually offered her $500 as compensation for her emotional กระเป๋า CHARLES & KEITH สะพายข้าง ราคา distress, she said, and added: If I were you, Id take it. A follow-up letter sent by a Safeway claims examiner to Harris on March 24, the same day she talked to Foss, states: Please be advised that weve completed our investigation and determined theres no liability on the store. I acknowledge your allegation of emotional distress and would be willing to offer a customer service gesture of $500. Failing to accept the customer service gesture will be construed as a rejection and will result in a formal denial of this claim as there has been no evidence of discrimination or racial profiling. It wasnt the first time Harris had experienced the subtle undercurrents of racism in a city that is less than 1 percent African-American, shesaid. But, she added, her conversation with Foss was the tipping point. I didnt respond to the email or take their offer for $500, she said. I contacted an attorney and filed this lawsuit. Her attorney, Chris Mears, said the actions of the store clerk and the company violate Californias Unruh Civil Rights Act, which prohibits businesses from discriminating against customers based on race and other attributes such as sex, religion, national origin, color and sexual orientation.

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