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Thousands of South Koreans rallied in Seoul on Saturday night demanding Park's resignation over the scandal. Angry Koreans say Park betrayed public trust and mismanaged the government, and has lost a mandate to lead the country. The protest came as prosecutors investigate presidential aides and other officials to determine whether they broke the law to allow Choi to wield undue influence or gain financially. Park said last week she had given Choi access to speech drafts early in her term and apologized for causing concern among the public. In an interview with South Korea's Segye Ilbo newspaper published on Thursday, Choi said she received drafts of Park's speeches after Park's election victory but denied she had access to other official material, or that she influenced state affairs or benefited financially. Park is in the fourth year of a five-year term, and the crisis threatens to complicate policymaking during the lame-duck period that typically sets in toward the end of South Korea's single-term presidency. Opposition parties have demanded a thorough investigation, but have not raised the possibility of impeaching her. Park's office said late on Friday she ordered her senior secretaries to tender their resignations, and she will reshuffle the office in the near future. Her chief of staff separately offered to resign earlier, the office said.

The plane carrying Pence, his family, staffers and members of the press skidded off the runway, according to CBS News campaign reporter Alan He, who said that despite the rough landing, everyone appeared to be okay. We had no idea we had skidded off the runway until Gov. Pence came to the back of the plane and said we may have done that, He said. He said he believes about 60 people were on the plane. Passengers were evacuated from the plane. It was raining in New York at the time of landing and had been for most of the day. Vice presidential candidate Mike Pence after his plane skidded off the runway at LaGuardia Airport, Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016. CBS News Pence came to the back of the plane and checked on everyone, He said. He was calm. He came back to check on the press. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reached out to his running mate following the incident, a campaign spokesperson said. Mr. Trump did reach out to Governor Pence and is very glad everyone on board the plane is safe, spokesperson Stephanie Grisham said. Eastern Airlines, a Miami based charter that flies 737s, operates the plane, CBS News transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave reported. NYCEM, New York Citys official emergency management system, said on Twitter that LaGuardia Airport is closed until further notice. Due to a plane skidding off the runway, #LaGuardia is currently closed until further notice. Check with your airline for additional info.

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